Going to the Gym for the First time .

So , you've been thinking about getting a gym membership. You finally get the courage to drive up to the gym but you don't get out of the car. Embarrassed and scared because you are self conscious and don't know what to expect. Guess what ? You are not alone! The very first time I went to the gym, I only used the cardio equipment . I didn't dare walk into the weight lifting section . Let me just let you in on a secret , majority of the people in the gym don't know what they are doing . 

I am naturally an early bird , I usually wake up and 430-5 am ,so that became my new workout time. The gym is not nearly as packed in the morning as it is after 5pm. I started watching YouTube videos from personal trainers and quickly learned how to use the different machines. I also worked with a personal trainer who  showed me how to use the machines properly . You should always consult with your physician before  beginning any exercise program. 

My advice to you is to just go! I've met some awesome people at the gym and I really enjoy it now . Invest in some cute gym clothes and waist trainer  so you're confident ! ( Walmart and Target have a cute selection of gym clothes ,www.mskuvygirl.net for waist trainer) Also, the wealthy commit to at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day. 

See you at the Gym!