Copal Resin

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Copal Incense. Uses- Raising Vibration, Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Healing, Grounding, Creativity, Blessings, Manifestations, Protection, Energy Clearing, Love, Consecration, Anointing Rituals.


Copal is a powerful and gentle healer that removes and transmutes negative energies of all kinds
and of all levels. The copal joins the powerful energy of the sun with the transmutative properties of
the Earth. Copal is a powerful ally for spiritual, mental, physical, energetic and relationship health.
It brings protection and helps in the manifestation of ideas in the concrete world.
Copal awakens psychic abilities as well and strengthens the auric body. It can also remove
energy blockages and aligns the physical body with the etheric one. Copal opens and
cleanses all the chakras. It increases the state of consciousness on a
personal level and of unity with the universe.