Florida Water 16 oz

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For Smokeless Cleansing FLORIDA WATER!

Is a very strong spiritual healing and cleaning agent. It’s been used by shamans and light workers since the beginning of time.
Basic Body Cleansing - Pour a small amount in your hands and rub on your hands, on top of your head, the back of your neck, and down your arms. Shake off excess as if you were "shaking off" dirt. Use this method every time you feel that you've come across negative energy, or that you need to reset your energy to work with other energies (spell work/healing). Basic Household Cleansing - Mix a small amount in with hot water. Used to wipe down your walls of floors. Cleanse the energy in spaces. Can also be used with sage and Palo Santo.
Offerings - place a small amount next to your bed for positive dreams, to attract a new love, or to attract money you can place some next to a "money pot". Spiritual Baths - Fill up a tub with Luke warm water. Add about a small amount of Florida Water to your bath and when done, let your body air dry.