Benzoin of Sumatra

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  • Used in rites of purification, it is wonderful for clearing energy from ritual tools (cauldrons, knives, wands, crystals, altar cloths etc)
  • Use as a smudge to bring in positive energy for health, prosperity and house blessings
  • Acts as an aid for astral projection. Burn Benzoin resin just before bed, set your intention on where you would like to astral project and visualize it happening
  • Benzoin Sumatra is associated with the Sun (masculine energy) and brings in this bright, direct and powerful energy
  • Benzoin Siam is associated with Venus (feminine energy) and brings in love, balance and harmony

Physical and Mental Benefits of Benzoin

  • Aids in concentration and focus (which makes it great for students)
  • Enhances creativity
  • May increase sexuality and sensuality (due to it's vanilla aroma)
  • Mood enhancing, uplifting and keeps symptoms of depression at bay