High John the Conqueror Oil with Root

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Some of the magical properties of High John the Conqueror are:



  • Protection from negativity, harm, evil, curses and hexes
  • Draws courage, confidence & strength
  • Increases self esteem and alleviates depression
  • Removes all obstacles and blockages in your path
  • Unlocks the door for new opportunities & experiences
  • Helps to overcome all challenges & struggles 
  • Attracts prosperity, abundance, money, financial gain
  • Brings luck at games of chance & gambling
  • Empowers one for success in business & employment
  • Enhances passion, personal sexual power, lust, love & devotion
  • Brings luck and success in every endeavor 
  • Excellent to use for positive outcomes in legal matters
  • Promotes peace, harmony & happiness


      You can anoint mojo bags with High John the Conqueror oil for extra power and unstoppable strength to the desired intent. You can also rub some of the oil onto a piece of actual High John the Conqueror root and carry with you to amplify the energy in manifesting your intentions and speed up the results.