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Hyssop is a powerful spiritual cleanser as well as an herb used for protection and healing.

Some ideas for magical uses:

Brew Hyssop into a "tea" and add to a wash for the home or pour over your head for a personal cleansing ritual. 

Add a pinch of Hyssop, Rue and Eucalyptus to a red flannel bag to create a cleansing mojo.

Sprinkle Hyssop on top of an Uncrossing candle to add extra power. 

Mix with Ginger and Dragon's Blood resin and burn on a charcoal for a fiery protection incense.

Hang a red flannel bag of Hyssop over your front door to keep negativity out of your home. 

Put a pinch of Hyssop in your bathwater for a bath to heal illness of a spiritual nature.