Jasmine Flowers

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Jasmine is used to foster psychic dreams. It also increases the spiritual aspects of love work for for love work of a spiritual nature, such as attracting a soul mate, a twin flame or someone with whom you have a past life connections. Jasmine worn or burned can also increase wealth.

Some ideas for magical uses:

Add Jasmine flowers, Rose Petals, Lavender and Red Clover blossoms to a red flannel bag to create a sweet love mojo.

Sprinkle Jasmine on top of a Prosperity candle to add extra power toward long-term wealth goals. 

Mix Jasmine with Copal resin and Yarrow and burn on a charcoal before going to sleep as an incense to induce prophetic dreams.

Dress a Soul Mate candle in Adam and Eve oil and roll in Yarrow for extra power in drawing your soul mate closer.