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A Come To Me Love Spell is used to draw in a lover to you, know or unknown. This is ideal for pulling in a lover who has become distant, or for calling in new love. I have used this spell in many different scenarios included getting two people who have fallen in love online and getting them to meet (which they did), in long distance relationships to get a boyfriend who has been putting off moving to another state to be with their long term girlfriend and getting that put into action (used in same sex scenarios as well), and for people who have been single for a very long time (by choice) or are having difficulty finding the right person and decide that it's time to call in some love with some help from the spirits. The list goes on. Each spell is unique and customized to your needs. Each service requires a consultation, complementary through email for serious inquiries. I'll need your full name, birthdate, and detailed description of your situation sent to email.

I start on the spellwork the same day payment is made. I’ll need full names, birthdates and a description of your situation and overall goal. Please also include photos of each of you.