Quassia Chips

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Quassia, also known as bitter Root, is used for Controlling. Many love spells call for the Hair of one's lover, but this is not always easy to get. If the hair cannot be had, get a piece of the lover’s Clothing, cut it up, mix it with Quassia Chips, burn this mixture to ashes, and moisten the ash with Controlling or Commanding Oil to use in the place of the hair. Most workers look askance on attempts at such substitutions, but some say that if you burn Quassia with your lover’s Hair or other Concerns and keep the ashes in a black bag in a dark place, you can control your lover. To attract Money, blend Quassia in equal parts with Sandalwood and Patchouli Leaves and carry the mixture in a green flannel bag dressed with Money-Drawing Oil.