Serpentine Bracelet

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8 mm Beads

 Serpentine one of the best stones to work with if you want to awaken your powerful kundalini energy. Meditate with the stone to start the process, paying attention to sensations at the base of the spine in your root chakra, where your kundalini lies. An awakening may feel like a surge of energy that starts at the base of your spine and rises all the way up and out through the crown chakra at the top of your head. A kundalini opening can be incredibly powerful and even life-altering, awakening your psychic and metaphysical senses. Serpentine can assist this in happening in a safe and balanced way.

Serpentine is a very protective stone overall that can help you clear negative and blocked energy, especially when used on the meridian points or chakras. It’s considered a guardian crystal that can help guard your inner spirit from your ego, protect your dreams from your doubt, and help you hold true to your beliefs. Feeling safe and protected gives you the freedom to transform and evolve as nature intended.