Spiritual Bath Kit

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Hyssop is a powerful spiritual cleanser as well as an herb used for protection and healing.

Mentioned in Psalm 51 of the Bible as a spiritual purifying agent, as it is written: "Cleanse me with Hyssop, wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."

Hyssop is a member of the mint family, a purification herb, for home cleansing, to put an end to crossed conditions, to take off a jinx, protection, and money drawing.  The uplifting and rejuvenating qualities of hyssop help you to move forward in life. Clear you muddled mind to seek inspiration and wisdom from our higher consciousness with hyssop’s help. Hyssop’s connection to the heart helps us to open to our heart’s teachings and learn from a deep soul space. 

Hyssop Bath Oil 

Florida Water

Spray Bottle 

Hyssop Essential Oil 

Tumbled Selenite Crystal